About Us

When they were both in college, Jon and Patty met at a restaurant called The Crab Trap where Jon was the dinner chef. One night, Patty was at the bar with some friends and she met Jon, who was filling in for a bartender.  That night the restaurant owner told Patty, "You're going to marry Jon some day." Patty laughed.

A week later Patty visited the bar and saw Jon there, having an off duty drink. She bought him a drink and the rest, as they say, is history.  

After they met, Jon and Patty worked together as chef and dining room manager respectively at The Back Burner, a restaurant in Hockessin, Delaware.  They got engaged there.  The restaurant is still in business nearly 30 years later and has become a universal shrine to love won and kept in the culinary world.... just kidding.

In October 2008, Jon and Patty fulfilled a long held dream - opening their own bistro.

Jon and Patty's recipes originally came from their home.  They wanted to cook for their customers the way they did in their lives, and so developed a theme:  Fresh, healthy, creative and affordable neighborhood bistro fare.  Jon and Patty dream up new ideas and develop them with Chef Lainie to create a menu item as a special. If their customers are crazy about a special, they will repeat it throughout the year.